Workshop August 7th

My first teacher workshop for Teacher’s Paradise in Frisco has been scheduled for Thursday, August 7th.  The title of the workshop is ABC’s & 123’s. 

Workshop Description:

Discover a wide array of new and engaging activities to teach the alphabet and numbers to your students.  Explore the new TEA Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and learn how to implement them in  your classroom in simple, fun, and creative ways.  Your pre-k students will leave your class recognizing and identifying their alphabet and numbers fluently.  Parents and administrators alike will be wowed by your student’s success!

There will be one session at 10:00am and another at 1:00pm.   Call the store at 972-377-6604 to sign-up today.


3 Responses

  1. Vanna,
    I wish I lived closer!! I would love to be at your workshop. Would it be possible to get your handout via e-mail? And I would love to hear your ideas regarding the new Guidelines.

    Thanks……..Anna Bennett

  2. I too wished I was closer. I love all your ideas!

  3. […] I prepare for my ABC’s & 123’s workshop on Thursday I have been taking pictures and adding to the website. As soon as I finish adding the […]

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