It Finally Happened…











After a long and hectic day of running here and there I returned home ready for some hot tea and ER only to have my spirits lifted when I found the following e-mail in my inbox: 

Hi Mrs.Levin I was in your class in 04-05. If you are wondering  who I am I’m Nadya!!!!  I miss you!!!!   I am in third grade now my teacher is Mrs.Huntington.  I saw the picture of  Word Wacker  & Thematic Word wall. Was that me and Rachel?  Well  I don’t know what else to write. If you want to write me back my e-mail address is…


P.S. I asked my mom for permission to write to you

I have always secretly wished that one day a student would remember me beyond kindergarten!  The student who sent me this e-mail moved away at the end of her pre-k year so I have never seen her again, which makes it even more meaningful that she remembered me.  This e-mail is very timely as I no longer have a classroom and won’t have any more future students.  At least I can take comfort in knowing that at least some of those who did have me as a teacher haven’t forgotten me 🙂  


Do you have any stories of students who have contacted you after they have left your classroom? 


4 Responses

  1. That’s so sweet! I haven’t heard from any of mine who’ve moved away, but I’ve seen some around town. My 1st class graduates from 8th grade at our school this year.

  2. 5 years ago I was teaching 1st grade in a high-risk school. I spent a lot of time teaching Writing Workshop. At the end of the year I gave the students my mailing address and asked them to write to me over the summer. There was a little girl who was an “average” writer who moved to a rural town over the summer. She wrote a TWO PAGE LETTER to me, telling me about her new home and twin baby sibblings. It was the best mail I’ve ever gotten! (I moved to a new school to teach Pre-K the next year.)

  3. Well, I’ve been teaching for quite a while now, and my “old” students are all adults now, some with children of their own. I’ve had the uncomfortable experience of bumping into one at a bar not that long ago. It was the weirdest moment. He instantly remembered me, and made the first move to come talk to me. But, the very second he opened his mouth to tell me his name, it came back to me in a wave, and HE was the one shocked because I remembered it!

    (FYI-I found you through Kiri’s blog)

  4. Ms. Levin,
    I cannot e-mail you because my server will not allow me too. I have some questions about your fire safety. Would you be so kind to e-mail me?

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