Bucket Contest

Because I have an unbelievable amount of school work and reading to do tonight I decided to procrastinate and join in the Bucket Contest.  Colleen from Teaching Heart Mom tagged me in this contest and how could I say “no” to Teaching Heart?  The blogs that I like to read that “fill my bucket” are listed below, I challenge them to list their favorites and join in the fun.

Teaching to Dream:  I enjoy the self-reflection and honesty in this blog.   Many of her topics are insightful and always well written. 

Kindergarten’s 3 R’s:  Michaele’s blog is a potpourri of everything from crafting and family to education and politics.  I enjoy reading and following Michaele’s blog because she comes across as genuine and real.  I also admire all she seems to accomplish each day with the kids, school/work, and the challenge of having a husband who is deployed.   Some days when I think I can’t do any more I think “Michaele would do it!”

Elbows, Knees, Dreams:  This was one of the very first blogs I subscribed to.   I can really relate to Kiri because she is just like me, teaching on the front lines in an urban public pre-k setting.   There aren’t too  many of us out there (yet) so we have to stick together 🙂  I especially related to her poignent post about when parents can’t read.  I have sooooo been there and done that!

Prekinders:  I consider Karen a good friend, we have been “cyber buddies” since way before blogs were ever invented!   I especially liked Karen’s series on writing recently, it was so powerful and insightful!  I was  shaking my head and saying “wow!” as I was looking at all the student pictures, what good stuff!  I always get excited when I see a new post from Prekinders in my reader, I can’t wait to see what she’s been up to!

If I nominated you please tell us on your blog who fills your bucket.  List at least three other blogs that you love and tell why you love them…. Then let those bloggers know you put some drops in their bucket.  Read the rules here.

p.s.- the Seeds and Insect pages are almost complete with updates, just in need of a few more pictures.


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  1. Thanks Vanna for blgging about Bucket Filling!!! You are the best! Don’t forget to sign the comments section here

    with a link to your bucket post so you can be entered to win all the goodies! The book is awesome for Pre-K!!!

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