Classroom Creations


I recently discovered a fabulous new place in cyberspace called Etsy (thanks Michaele!).   There I discovered a new trend called “altered art”, which is basically different ways to use scrapbook paper and supplies to create unique items like clipboards, paint cans, banners etc.   At first I bought a few pieces of altered art from various vendors at Etsy, but then I started to think that maybe I should give it a try on my own.  It’s much easier than it looks to create altered art, here you can see my very first creation, an altered tin can.   I will use this tin can to hold door prize tickets at the Pre-K Pages Conference for Early Childhood Educators on July 15th.  

I am also making these to give as teacher gifts; I will put the teacher’s name on the front or perhaps a cute teacher phrase.  I am making an altered tin can to hold treats for my dog too 🙂   I have seen people make beautiful, altered trick-or-treat buckets.  Another unique idea for altered tin cans is to make them for baby shower gifts!   You create the altered tin can and then fill it with baby supplies.  I’m going to stockpile a bunch of baby tin cans, teachers are always having babies. 

I’m working on my very first altered clipboard this weekend, I will post pictures as soon as it’s finished.


2 Responses

  1. This is so cute! It would make a great container for my “birthday treasure box” too. I love the baby gift idea.

  2. What a great idea. I love the etsy website! Also, for special thank you gifts or Christmas presents, I take a table tray that you can buy at craft stores and I paint it inside and out and then put Christmas or appropriate scrapbook paper in it. I use the modge podge glue to hold it down. It looks so cute! And you can put different items in the tray to make it extra special. It could be good for back to school baskets for teachers too! By the way, I love this blog! It is so helpful, as I have only been teaching for a few years! Thanks! Heather

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