Product Review: Little Songs for Language Arts

I recently had the opportunity to listen to the new Little Songs for Language Arts CD from HeidiSongs and I was so impressed I just had to share my observations with you!   What I like best about this CD is that there is a nice mix of songs that you can use throughout the year, not just during one unit or one half of the year.  There are 9 songs that address specific literacy skills such as the difference between letters and words, rhyming, syllables, beginning sounds, and making sentences.  I can see how I would use the song about the differences between letters and words at the very beginning of the year, then move on to the rhyming song and so on as my students progress.   We use the Reading and Writing Workshop approach to language arts in my district and we have a whole sequence of lessons we teach that address the parts of a story (characters, setting etc); I was so excited to discover that Heidi has created a catchy and fun song to teach this difficult concept to young children!

There are also songs that address math skills such as counting, shapes, and addition.  But the best part is that there are fun seasonal, thematic, and holiday songs that you can also turn into class and individual books.   People are always asking me if I miss the classroom and I very rarely say yes, however this new CD makes me miss the classroom because I want to sing the songs and make the books with my own class!

I had planned on posting the videos to a few of my favorite songs from the Little Songs for Language Arts CD, but I like them all so much I don’t know if they’ll all fit!   Here goes…


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