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Spriggles Book Review

spriggles1I was recently introduced to the Spriggles Motivational Books for Children series.  I have used many different character education and nutrition programs in my classroom over the years and they all seem to have one thing in common, they’re B-O-R-I-N-G and the kids don’t like them.  However, Spriggles seems to have broken the mold; their books are very engaging and memorable for young children.  There are currently three titles in the series:  Health & Nutrition, Inspiration, Activity & Exercise








The topics of Spriggles books are so important, especially for young children, these are things many of them are no longer being taught at home.  As a Title 1 teacher I have worked exclusively with at-risk populations for more than 15 years and I can attest to the fact that character education, health, and nutrition must be taught in the classroom now to ensure our children become productive members of society in the future. 

Each page features a different animal and a catchy rhyming phrase that helps the students remember the concept being taught. 
Some of my favorite phrases from the Spriggles series are:
  • Play in the park shark.
  • Go play blue jay.
  • Keep on tryin’ lion.
  • Aim high butterfly.
  • Get a good night’s sleep sheep.
  • Try a carrot parrot.
  • Take a bath giraffe. 
These key phrases taught in the Spriggles books would be great paired with stuffed animals, puppets, or Beanies.  I suggest making a poster to go with every page in each book.  Focus on one poster per week and read the phrase every day to springboard a discussion with the students.  Introduce the students to the matching stuffed animal, puppet, or Beanie.  After you have introduced the poster to the students and reviewed it for a week place it on the wall around the room.  Place the Beanies, puppets, or stuffed animals in a basket and add a new animal to the basket each week.  During center time the students can interact with the animals in the basket by removing each animal and reciting the motivational phrase that goes with it and matching it with the posters.
Spriggles is offering readers of this blog a reduced price of only $5 per book!   Click on any of the links here to Spriggles books and during the checkout process enter “prekpages” in the “special instructions” field.

Word Wall & Classroom Library updated

 I have updated the pictures on the Word Wall and Classroom Library pages.  My new classroom theme is “Growing Readers” and is done entirely in a garden motif.  I transformed my classroom library into a garden, I was inspired by an idea in Debbie Diller’s latest book, Spaces & Places: Designing Classrooms for Literacy.   You can read all about the items pictured below and ideas on how to implement both areas on the Word Wall or Classroom Library pages.  The large banner above the word wall that says “We’re Growing Readers in Pre-K” is from Vista Print.